Data Submission Guidelines

Data must be archived within two years of collection. Be sure to deliver data to the information manager at least two months before you need it in the archive. For an optimal experience, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Discuss datasets that you will produce, when they will be ready, and how they will be formatted with the information manager prior to collecting any data.
  2. Read the Organizaing Your Data section of the Arctic Data Center guidelines for data submission.
  3. If you are creating data tables, please read at least the abstract of this article on data organization in spreadsheets. We archive data tables as CSV files per Arctic Data Center recommendations. For other formats, please discuss with the information manager.
  4. Download, complete, and return the BLE metadata spreadsheet along with your data to the information manager.
  5. Make sure you or someone familiar with your data is available to answer questions about the data and metadata until the data are officially archived. Remember that internet and phone access is limited at some of our study sites.
  6. Once the dataset is archived and has a DOI, please cite the data in any related publications.