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BLE LTER Physical Samples

At BLE LTER, every sampling campaign we collect a great number of samples from the lagoons and surrounding environments to extract valuable data. We also archive certain types of samples for future uses. Find information below on what is available and who to contact for access to these samples.

an isopod biological sample

Specimen vouchers

Housed at The University of Texas at Austin, Marine Science Institute

We collect specimen samples to learn about the biological communities of the Beaufort Sea lagoons, especially at the benthic level. Exemplary samples are retained as "vouchers" so we can be confident in taxonomically classifying any similar critters.

Pictured: scientist shows off an outstanding isopod sample.

scientists collecting water

Genetic materials

Housed at Oregon State University

After processing to extract genetic data, samples are saved for potential future reexamination. These vials require minus-80 freezing conditions to ensure their integrity.

Pictured: scientists collect lagoon water, some of which will be analyzed for genetic materials.

scientists standing on coastal bluffs

Soil cores

Housed at The University of Texas at El Paso

Soils analysis can tell us a lot about their composition and chemistry. After being analyzed, soil cores are retained for a time at UTEP facilities.

Pictured: BLE scientists examining coastal bluffs.