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Related Data

Rawlins M; Connolly C; McClelland J (2021): Model estimates of dissolved organic carbon, runoff, snowmelt, and snow water equivalent from 1981-2010 across the western Arctic. Quantifying Variability and Controls of Riverine Dissolved Organic Carbon Exported to Arctic Coastal Margins of North America. doi:10.15485/1809256

Dunton, K. H., C. E. Bonsell, K. Iken, C. F. Aumack, B. Konar, A. F. Muth, and S. V. Schonberg. 2020. Arctic Nearshore Impact Monitoring in the Development Area (ANIMIDA) III: The Boulder Patch and other Kelp Communities in the Development Area. Ecosystem monitoring data collected from the Boulder Patch, Stefansson Sound, Alaska (1976-2018). Arctic Data Center. doi:10.18739/A27W67662 .